Too busy to learn to code?

How to pack a tech learning power punch

Are you sitting there, thinking about how you should learn how to code, but it’s just too hard to find the time?!

I get it. Between having a job, a family, some friends, and trying to remember to get dressed, eat three meals a day, and squeeze in a few hours of sleep…who’s got time?

And yet, you KNOW that in order to stay competitive, you have to keep learning new skills. Plus, think of all the freaking amazing things you can do if only you knew how to code!!

So what is a lady to do?

You are in luck! Because in today’s episode of SkillcrushTV, we are sharing our ‘Busy Lady’s Guide to Packing a Tech Learning Power Punch.’

Find out the three steps you need to take in order to find time to learn, without giving up ALL of your relaxing time.

If you are ready to dive in, join our next session of Skillcrush 101: How to get started coding!

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  1. cdougherty Replied

    here’s my tip: once you have some basic skills, like css and html at a beginning level, use them to create a project for someone else, like for a friend or family member. You’ll be motivated to practice those skills so you don’t forget everything you just learned, you’ll push yourself past what you know and end up trying out new things, and you’ll have to do a good job or risk having your friend, or your sister, for example, think you’re an . . . well, what you want them to think is that you know what you’re doing. Once you’re halfway into the project, you gain confidence and it becomes easier. Also you end up knowing a lot more than you did when you started the project.

  2. Angela Wyman Replied

    here is my tip: I photo my cheat sheets and set up a portion as my home screen or wallpaper on my phone. Gradually, the code sinks in and then you can move to another challenge or fresh sheet. While its only a small area, it does help to learn in concentrated bursts anyhow.

  3. The hardest part for me is to stop learning new (but totally unrelated to my project) stuff. So I set up Google alerts to appease my desire to keep up with the shiny new toys – but had them sent to a separate email I only get to check after the work is done. =D

    • Adda Replied

      Shiny object syndrome!! So seductive :) I love your way of combatting it by giving in a little, but not tooooo much. Like a good piece of dark chocolate!

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