Design type like Jessica Hische

Meet 4 Living Legends of Type Design

Ever wondered who designed all these letters that you are constantly reading? No?! Well guess what, somewhere in the world there is a real, live, human being who decided to make this x look like that and that j look like this.

Type Designers are designers who create all of the fonts and typefaces that make up the world we read in. Their job is to design fonts that serve a variety of purposes: some are meant to be hardly noticeable, serving their god given purpose of making text easy to read. Other typefaces are meant to capture your attention, shouting out headlines, and important pieces of information. While a third set of typefaces are extremely distinct, so unique that they alone can create a brand. (If you want to learn more about different types of typefaces, click here).

Allow us to introduce some of the type design legends we love:

Erik Spiekermann

This man is a TRUE legend: founder of FontShop and partner of edenspiekerman, Spiekermann helped create Helvetica Neue (the best thing since, you know it, Helvetica) as well as Helvetica’s antithesis: Meta.

Jessica Hische

Letterer, illustrator, and all around type-bad-ass, Jessica Hische first created a name for herself with Daily Drop Cap. Since then she has designed book covers for Penguin and Barnes and Noble, and even titles for filmmakers like Wes Anderson. Want in? You can pick up one, or all, of her typefaces. When will the web fonts be released?!

Veronika Burian

It may have taken Veronika a couple different tries before she found her way to type design (she was first an industrial designer, then a graphic and product designer), but boy are we glad she kept going! In 2006, she founded typetogether which creates friendly, soft typefaces like Adelle, Bree, Karmina.

James T. Edmondson

James is one of our favorite type designers, so much so that we used a variation on his font Wisdom for our logo! He is a contributor to Lost Type and the designer of beautiful fonts like  Edmondsans, Lavanderia, and the aforementioned, Wisdom Script.