Happy New Year’s Day!

What are your techie New Year’s resolutions?

What are your techie New Year’s resolutions?

We know, we know. New Year’s resolutions, right? We always make ‘em and then…well, life, work, the dog ate my homework!

Here at Skillcrush we believe in small steps. Teeny-tiny little ones like reading a newsletter or spending 10 minutes every morning flexing your Ruby programming skills. It’s like our friend Amy says, each brick is small, but before you know it you’ve got a wall. Don’t like bricks? Then get inspired by Marie’s story of the step-by-step evolution of MarieTV.

This year, join us in thinking small (to start!). What miniature, so-minor-it-almost-feels-like-nothing, steps are YOU going to take to make yourself more digitally literate? What is your dream, and what small action will you take TODAY to make it happen?

Adda says:
“I want to code in PHP, Ruby, or JavaScript, just a little bit, every day. Even if it’s just doing an exercise in one of my favorite books, or making a small bug fix, I want to keep those coding muscles flexed!“

Kate says:
“I want to take ten minutes everyday to read about digital design theory. It’s so exciting to be in the Wild West of design on the web. I certainly have my opinions of how things should work and what’s best, but I want to take the time to learn what others are saying and doing.”

What are you contemplating on this New Year’s Day? What first step are you going to take? How can the Skillcrush community help? Do share!

To a joyous, productive, and most importantly, fun 2013!

The Skillcrush Team

PS Remember, to struggle is good. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be gratifying.

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  1. Melanie Archer Replied

    I try to get a running start on the new year by working on resolutions in mid-December, figuring that if I can keep them through all the holiday obligations, I’m on the way to making them permanent. The “bricks” I’m placing:

    * a Python exercise each day at CodingBat.com

    * a section each day of CodeAcademy (various tracks)

    * a section each day of the RailsBridge intermediate curriculum (http://docs.railsbridge.org/intermediate-rails)

    When any of these is finished, I’ll replace it with JSAssessment (https://github.com/rmurphey/js-assessment).

    • Adda Replied

      Yeah! Small exercises are a GREAT place to start. I love Learn Python the Hard Way, have you tried it?

      Do you have any projects you want to tackle?

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