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Women Techmakers

In honor of the holidays, Google’s second edition of Women Techmakers is focused on women in tech who are impacting social change.

In honor of the holidays, Google’s second edition of Women Techmakers is focused on women in tech who are impacting social change. Today’s guest is Julie Hanna of Kiva.org, tune in at 2:30 PM PST / 5:30 EST or see the full lineup of guests below.

We spoke to two lady Googlers who help organize Women Techmakers, Phoebe Perento and Kathryn Brisbin, about the Women Techmakers initiative and why they are committed to increasing the visibility of women in the tech fields.

Why do you and your team think that it’s important to highlight women specifically?
One of our core beliefs is that greatest innovations takes place through a collective effort of many programmers with diverse backgrounds.

Our goal with the Women Techmakers initiative is to bring visibility to talented women who are doing incredible work all over the world. We want to raise the profile of these amazing technical women in our industry, and make sure that both women and men know about their work.

But of course, we are especially interested in inspiring more women to join the tech community! Express your vision! Use your creativity! And join the amazing, and active women who are leading the way.

Why is investing and supporting women in tech a good business idea?
Because the more smart, creative technologists of different backgrounds that we can have attacking a problem, the more likely we are to solve it.

From our perspective the problem is that even though there are many talented women technical leaders in our industry, they are often hard to see. So our goal at Women Techmakers is to raise the visibility of women’s leadership today. We hope to provide a more accurate view of womens’ core contributions in technology industry right now and record it for posterity!

How do you pick the women you feature?
We use a nomination process in order to get as diverse a group of women as possible. Google women nominate women who they believe have made significant impacts in the tech community, and then we take a look at all the nominations and ask ourselves: are these women makers? If they are, we invite them to be interviewed!

What do you take into consideration when you invite a woman to be on the show?
As you might expect, we consider the woman’s technical background, her contributions to the tech field, and of course, her commitment to getting other women engaged in the tech space.

Women Techmaker’s Schedule

Julie Hanna, Chairwoman of Kiva.org
As a repeat entrepreneur, Julie Hanna knows about giving back. Her work at Kiva has been integral in touching over 800,000 low-income entrepreneurs in over 60 countries, adding up to more than $350M loans delivered.

Tuesday, 12/11: 2:30 pm PST, Watch live


Jennifer Pahlka of Code for America
Code for America is a fellowship program that pairs developers with local governments all over the country who need their tech skills. Founder and executive director Jennifer Pahlka will be discussing how Code for America is rebooting the government.

Wednesday, 12/12: 2:30 pm PST, Watch live


Sasha Laundy of Codecademy
Codecademy makes learning code easy and collaborative. Sasha Laundy, founder of Women Who Code and Codecademy leader, will be chatting about how Codecademy makes learning code interactive, iterative, and fun.

Thursday, 12/13: 2:30 pm PST, Watch live


Kim Polese of ClearStreet Inc.
ClearStreet Inc., a social finance startup, is focused on helping people eliminate debt and achieve long-term financial health. Chairwoman Kim Polese will speaks about her experience as a leading Silicon Valley entrepreneur and technology executive, and how her work with ClearStreet is impacting users’ daily lives.

Friday, 12/14: 2:30 pm PST, Watch live

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