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How to: Tweet This

It’s reveal our secrets day here at Skillcrush!

It’s reveal our secrets day here at Skillcrush!

One of our most popular, and asked about, site features is ‘Tweet this,’ which you can find at the bottom of most every email. What this feature allows us to do is write a cute little tweet about our article, and allow you to SEE that tweet before you tweet it, which is not possible with the standard Twitter button.

Our goal, when creating this feature, was to help you be funny and witty on Twitter, while also making it as easy as possible for you to share awesome tech know-how with your friends and followers.

Now, before we tell you how to add your own ‘Tweet this’ button to every webpage of your site, we have to give some credit where credit is due. Our ‘Tweet this’ feature was heavily inspired by two people: First, John Keefe at WNYC, who used to beg us to put Twitter buttons on everything and gave us the Twitter bug, and, second, Marie Forleo,  whose “Click here for today’s tweetable” feature first introduced us to the clicktotweet app.

Now, for the juicy stuff:
To add our ‘Tweet this’ buttons we use a service called clicktotweet. What this service allows us to do is compose a tweet, and then the app provides us with a link to that tweet.

For example, I might write the following tweet:

Clicking to tweet is the best way to share tech know-how with all my friends and followers. I am so thankful for @clicktotweet & @skillcrush

I copy & paste that tweet into the clicktotweet box, make sure it’s the right length and then hit the big “GENERATE” button. Out pops this link:


To add it to our newsletter and article pages, I use our CMS. But you can accomplish the same thing with the following bit of code:

<div id="custom-tweet-button">
<a href="http://clicktotweet.com/9bTv2">You can absolutely do it & here's how.
Ada Lovelace tells you how to get started in tech: http://bit.ly/UdVRSz
@Skillcrush #learningtocode</a>
<a href="http://clicktotweet.com/9bTv2">Click to tweet</a>

Do you like our Click to Tweet button? Tell us by, yep, you guessed it, clicking to tweet:

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