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The Basics of Web Design PDF

Last week you told us what you wanted, and we worked furiously all week to make it for you.

This handy little PDF is chock-full of web designer goodness, including tips and tricks from web design heavyweights such as Ryan Shafer, head of design for MTV and VH1 Digital, Mike Fortress, the madman behind Symbol Set, and Jessica Hische, letterer to the stars.

The Basics of Web Design covers:

  • The six-step process we follow for successful web design
  • The unique challenges of designing for the web
  • How to make clients and developers love you
  • What differentiates a professional web designer from the rest of the pack
  • How to combat designer block
  • Where to find ideas and inspiration (Hint: it’s not on the web!)
  • And much, much, more!

What you will learn:

  • Key web design terms every designer should know
  • What you can and can’t control on the web
  • Best practices for organizing your Photoshop files
  • When to use a grid system, and when to break the grid
  • How to prepare your designs for code
  • What code you should take the time to learn
  • Why you should never typeset in pure black

All this for only $9!

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