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HTML describes what each part of a web page is to your browser.

HTML describes what each part of a web page is to your browser.

You know when you visit a website and see a headline and a bunch of paragraphs? A computer can tell the difference between a paragraph and a headline because each has its own HTML tag. HTML tags look like this:


You write HTML just like normal text and save it in a file with .html at the end. HTML is the only thing that you have to have in order to make a website.

So what can I put on a website?

HTML supports many types of content and media:

paragraph audio video lists








hello-world image italics button

In order to place any one type of media in your website, you have to use its particular HTML tag. For example, images get <img> tags, videos get <video> tags, and so on.

Now try this!
  1. Open up skillcrush.com
  2. Right click and click on ‘View Page Source’
    This shows you all the html written on a website. (If this doesn’t work in your browser, check out these instructions for other browsers.)
  3. See if you can spot some of the tags we just learned about.

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  1. Tasha_K Replied

    On Mac for Safari users: 

    1. Open Safari
    2. Click on Safari in the top left corner. Select Preferences from the dropdown menu that appears.
    3. In Preferences, go to the Advanced section on the far right. On the very bottom, toggle on Show Develop Menu.
    4. Close Preferences and find the webpage you’d like to to view the source code of.
    5. Once you get to the webpage, click on the new Develop option, and select from the dropdown menu View Source. If you want, copy and paste the code to a program like Evernote or TextWrangler.

  2. Jennifer Langsam Replied

    If you’re on a MAC and don’t have your right click button set up on your mouse, then click “control” and the mouse button you will see the options as if you “right clicked”. Hope this helps

  3. Kristin Kolesar Replied

    Might be good to add that HTML stands for: Hypertext Markup Language

  4. Gypsy Rose Replied

    Helpful intro – thanks!  What are the best ways to start learning HTML?  Are there any web apps like tryruby.org?

  5. Mmcc4145 Replied

    This Mac user isn’t sure what the substitution keys are for the “right click” command. The Option key? Control key or Command key? Please help. 
    Thank you.

      • kc Replied

        I pressed option and clicked and nothing is happening

      • DenverChic Replied

        I clicked my mousepad with two fingers instead of one (which is the equivalent of right click on Macs). Then there is the “View Page Source” and you should be able to see the code.

    • Rebecca Replied

      It’s Control and click. It will right click!

    • Natashia Sartain Replied

      Control key–but first check to make sure the safari settings are set to allow this: 
      Safari menu > Preferences > Advanced.
      Check “Show Develop menu in menu bar”. Close Safari’s preferences.
      when you command click it will now show an option to “inspect element” this will show you the page’s source code–at least on my machine!

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