Hard Working Apps

Screenshot of Asana Web Application

We asked you what your favorite apps for work were – what was helping you keep track of projects, collect ideas, and check off your to-dos. Here’s what you told us!

Team Management

Screenshot of Asana Web Applicaiton


Asana packs in a ton of features including project management, CRM, bug tracking, applicant tracking, and task management. The app also has a sweet HTML5 mobile site for on the go project management.

Nicole J. told us recently been diggin Asana for tasks across groups. It’s great to walk out of a meeting with all the to-dos assigned and waiting in your inbox.


Created by the legendary 37signals, Basecamp covers everything you need in a project management tool, from time tracking to documentation and file sharing.


Toggle is a time tracking for groups. The app gives you instant feedback on how efficient your team is working, plus provides a helpful tool for comparing estimated time for tasks versus actual.

Idea Collecting

Screenshot of Pinterest


If you don’t know what Pinterest is by now, you better hop on the bandwagon! Along with being a place to look at things you can’t have, pinterest can also be a great way to collect ideas for later.

Sky D. says Saving cool pictures I found online to my computer used to take up space. Now Pinterest does it with a click of a button!


The perfect app for online hoarders. Evernote can save almost any type of document and even make its possible to upload hand written notes and make them searchable. Evernote also has lots of baby apps, including Skitch, Evernote Hello, Evernote Food, Evernote Clearly and Evernote Peek.


Save articles you would like to read later. By using their bookmarklet users can read on their computer, kindle, or iPhone, iPad. Perfect for commuting without internet.

To-Do Lists

Screenshot of Wunderlint Applicaiton


A desktop, web and mobile application, Wunderlist allows you to make multiple lists, and share tasks and lists by email and with other users.

Amanda H. told Skillcrush I keep my freelance to do items, my day job tasks, normal stuff like laundry and groceries, my blog editorial calendar, books I want to read… it’s all listed there.


Allows users to create lists and lists within lists within lists. Easily sort through all these lists with hashtags.

Honorable Mentions

Screenshot of Balsamiq Wireframing Applicaiton


Rapid wireframing tool. Balsamiq wireframes look like a drawing so team members and clients aren’t freaked out about hierarchy and color and can concentrate on content and UI.


Make list on your iPhone.

Kelli O. in Finland uses OneNote for all my great ideas I hope to do (some day!).


A handy iPhone app by LinkedIn. Snap a picture of a business card and voila! you have all the card information in digital format. You can save to your iPhone, email, or click to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social surfaces relevant messages from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and blogs to make sure you participate in the right conversations. The app helps you monitor communications over several sites, shows you who has and who has not responded, and also provides powerful analytics on who is engaging with your site.