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Rails, a.k.a. Ruby on Rails, is a framework for building web applications.

Let’s back up a bit: Ruby (without the Rails part) is a programming language. You can use Ruby to tell a computer to do all sorts of things, like copy files or build a web page or anything else. Because it can do so many things, though, it isn’t necessarily really good at any one particular thing.

Rails changes that, and gives you a bunch of shortcuts to help you use Ruby to make web applications. A web app is just a fancy site that lets you do things like purchase products, search, or upload pictures or blog posts. Even making a simple web app is complicated, but with Rails it’s much easier for both experts and non-experts.

For example: We click links all the time on the web, so if we’re making a web site it’s pretty important to have links, right? Ruby by itself doesn’t understand what a link is, so you’d have to type out dozens of lines of code to get it to make a link. With Rails, though, you can just type this:

link_to("Visit Skillcrush", "http://www.skillcrush.com")

That’d make a link to skillcrush.com out of the text “Visit Skillcrush”. Sure, it’s still code, but it’s a lot nicer than dozens of lines!

Rails was created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2004 while he was working on a project at 37signals, but these days is supported by a vibrant community. Anyone can offer up fixes, features, and improvements to Rails.

Groupon, Twitter, and Hulu are all examples of sites built using Ruby on Rails. Web developers enjoy using it because it allows them to do things more quickly than traditional programming could – typing one line to make a link sure beats typing dozens!

Cocktail Party Fact

Because of the community-driven nature of Ruby on Rails, there’s somewhat of a culture around Rails development. Talented or famous developers are often referred to as “rockstars” or “ninjas” (although it’s fallen out of fashion in the past couple years), and feuds and drama are as common as in any other large social group!

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  1. fusoqu Replied

    I would like to be called “Rockstar” or “Ninja” :P

  2. JANIEGIRL52 Replied

    I am a mother of four beautiful children and have been married to my husband for 37 years. I am attending college to get my degree in Information Technology, and I am hoping to land a really good job making really good money. I have always worked in dead-end jobs and I am really looking forward to working with a better company and making better money. I have already learned to set-up web pages and websites. I have done some programming and really want to be able to do this every day. My class that I took in programming was with Visual Basics, and I truly loved it, I know that this is what I should have been doing all alone. Wish me luck, because I have a lot of doubts about myself and really am so unsure of if I really can do this at my age, but this really means the world to me.

    • fusoqu Replied

      Well… you just inspired me… and yeah… love for knowledge is ageless :)

    • Ethel_K Replied

      You go, JANIEGIRL52! It sounds like you have a good foundation. I hope you’re still going for it and that most of your doubts have faded. You CAN do this! Great job on learning to set up web pages and websites. I hope to be able to do that someday soon. As far as I’m concerned 50 is the new 25.

    • saadidayousaf Replied

      Janiegirl52 I feel the same way! Good luck!

    • flynnj3 Replied

      Good for you! I’m only starting to learn all this coding and marketing now and I’m 24. Doesn’t matter what age, just keep the head down and work hard! Best of luck!

    • hsc1714 Replied

      I feel the exact same way! So ready for a change! Grateful to have found this site.

    • Justbefrank Replied

      You go girl!
      Never too old to Rock and Roll!

    • Rebecca Iop Replied

      Wow! You inspire me. I’m only 33 and worried about being old.

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