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Skillcrush Career Blueprints:

Three months to a more lucrative & fulfilling career or your money back.

You deserve to have a creative, exciting job that makes you WANT to get out of bed in the morning. You deserve to work hard and make enough money to take care of yourself. You deserve to have the flexibility to prioritize your family when they need it, without worrying that your job hangs in the balance.

There are currently 279,585 high-paying OPEN jobs in tech. What are you waiting for?

Unlock your true potential,
With our life-changing digital program.

Maybe you’ve tried to take classes online and felt isolated and struggled to find answers to your questions? Maybe you’ve vowed to never take anything online again.

We understand that, which is why we’ve created guided tools and classes to fit your life and career.

The 3-month Career Blueprints provide a step-by-step guide to prepare you for the career you desire. The concrete skills you will learn with Skillcrush and the portfolio of real projects you create will make employers swoon. When you enroll, you’ll get a structured online program with classmates, amazing instructors, and expert career coaches!

After completing one of our
Career Blueprints you will be able to:

  • Make more money
  • Feel confident in your job security
  • Work the hours you want
  • Build the career of your dreams

Just five years ago, I was where you are.

As I sat, listening to the CEO explain the situation, I looked around the room and noticed something: of the dozen employees being let go, only one of them was a developer. Everyone else was a strategist or a project manager (like myself). One thing was clear: in that tough economic climate, if you didn’t have hard technical skills, you were expendable.

So there I was, laid off, with no real skills to speak of, left staring at a $300 weekly unemployment check and the worst job climate in our nation’s history. I was devastated, but I was determined to find my way out. And that’s why I’m writing to you today!

Since then I have:
  • Started two companies that have employed more than 12 people.
  • Built websites for companies including MTV, ProPublica, and The New York Times.
  • Been named one of the 20 Women to Watch in Media by the Columbia Journalism Review and one of the 30 Most Important Women in Tech by Business Insider, and been featured on the BBC, Fast Company, and Mashable.
  • And even been invited to the White House!

So what did I do in order to go from laid off to where I am now?

I started with one teeny tiny small step: I learned digital skills.

It wasn’t easy. Or fast. I didn’t do it in two weeks, or even two years. (I’m still learning new things every day!) But that decision – to gain clear, marketable, digital skills – changed everything. Suddenly, I could execute. If I had an idea, I could make it happen. Every new skill I learned opened up ten new opportunities. And each new opportunity got bigger and better.

You too can transform your career. Guaranteed.

The Skillcrush Career Blueprints are the programs I wish I had. I have taken everything that I have learned, every tip, every trick, every shortcut, every best practice and packed it all into one supercharged three-month online training program. I am so confident that you will love this program that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, I will refund your money. No questions asked!

That’s my promise to you!

Now let me be 100% clear: Skillcrush classes and blueprints will not teach you everything you ever need to learn about technology. But they will give you every tool and resource you need to get started.

And getting started is the most important step.

Join us!


I’m not exaggerating when I say that Skillcrush changed my life… The skills I learned made me confident enough to chase my dream job after I was suddenly fired from a job I hated. Now I’m in non-profit marketing, and the more skills I can bring to the table, the better!

- Charlotte Baker

What would your dream job be? Chase it!

When you enroll in one of our Career Blueprints, you will learn the key digital skills you need to advance your career, or switch to a whole new one. Learn from industry experts how to set yourself up for success.

· Choose the Blueprint that's right for you ·

Career Blueprint: Web Designer

Average Salary: $73,000

If you love art, people and thinking about how someone lives with one of your creations, then Web Design is for you. The best web designers know that good design is nearly invisible but utterly delightful. Their job is to make the websites and mobile applications they work on such a pleasure to use that you find yourself returning to them over and over.

Career Blueprint: Web Developer

Average Salary: $81,000

If you like to make things: to build furniture, knit cozy sweaters, throw a ceramic mug, then you will love learning how to make your creative vision and build it into a real-live web application. Web developers are builders and problem solvers. Every single website, app, and piece of software you work on daily was created by a developer. Developers love to dream up a crazy idea or identify a BIG problem, and then come up with an elegant solution.

Career Blueprint: Freelance WordPress Developer

Average Salary: $87,000

Are you ready to learn one of the most marketable skills on the planet? Do you want to land a side project that pays more than your monthly salary? Are you sick of being dependent on expensive templates that aren’t QUITE right, or having to call your developer every single time you need to make even a tiny tweak? Then, my friend, it’s time for you to learn WordPress.

Skillcrush’s approach to online education is “unlike anything else out there.”

- Gina Bianchini, CEO of Mightybell

How Skillcrush Works

  • Practical training that fits your schedule

    You want to learn valuable skills in a way that fits your life. Skillcrush classes are expertly designed to maximize your learning in less than an hour a day, and all include a dash of fun! New video lessons and challenges are released every day, to allow you to take things one step at a time. Can’t get around to it today? No worries, we leave plenty of time for catch-up!

  • A community of impressive fellow students

    By joining a Skillcrush class, you are instantly connected to a community of like-minded learners – from CEOs to bloggers, hailing from San Francisco to Iceland. Connect to your “classmates” through Mightybell, our online classroom, any time of day when you are working on your lessons, and get answers to your questions in minutes. And the community doesn’t end after class! Access the Skillcrush Alumni Group to find jobs, ask questions, pitch ideas, and more.

  • Expert support & mentorship from super-friendly instructors

    Never again resort to Googling answers when you’re stuck! When you just can’t seem to figure something out, we will be here to answer, anytime, anywhere. You can schedule live “office hours” where you’ll chat face-to-face with your instructor, join online chats, and ask unlimited questions by email!

What's Included With Your Enrollment.

If you thought that structured lessons, community, and mentorship were great, just look at all the other goods you’ll get when you enroll.

  • LIVE video office hours

  • Tons of downloads, code samples & cheatsheets

  • Master classes with top industry experts

  • Personal letter of recommendation

  • A professional-looking portfolio

  • Certificate of completion

· Are you Recently Unemployed & Looking To Restart Your Career? ·

We want to do everything we can to help you get back in the saddle. Send us an email at hello@skillcrush.com for a special discount.

What are You Waiting For? Invest in yourself, invest in your future!

Our Blueprints come out to around $4 a day. Less than HALF the price of comparable programs – and 100% more fun, we promise! You can make 3 monthly payments of $149 or a full payment of $399, whatever fits your life and budget.

· You can make 3-monthly payments of $149 or one payment of $399 ·

Looking to Brush Up or Learn a Specific Skill?
Take a Look at Our Single Classes!

Skillcrush 100:

UX & Web Design

Ready to dip your toe into web design? Learn the basic principles of designing for the web, including how to create user personas, typography and visual hierarchy. Whether you are an experienced designer or have no experience in design, if you use the web, this class will be relevant and fun for you!

YOU WILL LEARN: WireframesSitemapsUI / UXPhotoshop

Skillcrush 101:


Don’t know the first thing about technology? Then this class is for you. HTML and CSS are the building blocks of the web. Learn how to structure, design and launch your own website in class. Don’t worry about getting stuck – We’re here to answer any questions you have along the way!


Skillcrush 102:

JavaScript, jQuery & APIs

The web is an interactive medium! Learn how to design engaging user experiences and then translate those dreams into motion using JavaScript, jQuery and social media APIs. JavaScript is fast becoming THE language of the mobile web, and jQuery is the #8 fastest growing job keyword!

YOU WILL LEARN: JavaScriptjQueryAPIs

Skillcrush 103:

Introduction to WordPress

Learn the basic foundation of the most in-demand content management system on the Web! This class will walk through the full admin back-end of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and introduce PHP, the programming language that powers all WordPress sites.

YOU WILL LEARN: WordPress PHP Custom Theming

Skillcrush 104:

Ruby, Git & Sinatra

Once you’ve learned how to build the front end of a site, learn how to make it function with Ruby, a back-end programming language! And then launch your first web application using the Sinatra framework.

YOU WILL LEARN: RubySinatraCommand LineGit & GitHub

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