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HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is what web pages are made out of.

HTML describes what each part of a web page is to your browser.

You know when you visit a website and see a headline and a bunch of paragraphs? A computer can tell the difference between a paragraph and a headline because each has its own HTML tag. HTML tags look like this:
You write HTML just like normal text and save it in a file with .html at the end. HTML is the only thing that you have to have in order to make a website.
So what can I put on a website?

HTML supports many types of content and media:

paragraph audio video lists
hello-world image italics button

In order to place any one type of media in your website, you have to use its particular HTML tag. For example, images get <img> tags, videos get <video> tags, and so on.

Now try this!


  1. Open up skillcrush.com
  2. Right click and click on
    ‘View Page Source’
    This shows you all the html
    written on a website.
  3. See if you can spot some of the tags we just learned about.